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There is much you can do to reduce and negate the potentially harmful effects of wireless radiation and EMF (electro-magnetic fields) on your body, mind and environment.

What are EM Waves?

A simple explanation of the Electro Magnetic Spectrum

EM (electro-magnetic) waves are produced by the vibration of charged particles, and have electrical and magnetic properties. EM waves travel through the vacuum of space at the constant speed of light. They have crests and troughs like ocean waves. The distance between crests is the wavelength. EMF stands for 'Electro Magnetic Field' and EMR stands for 'Electro Magnetic Radiation'.

Some EM wavelengths are very long and measured in meters.  Others are tiny and are measured in billionths of a meter – ‘nanometers’. Our eyes can detect wavelengths from 400-700 nanometers, which is the visible region of the light spectrum.

The number of these crests which pass through a given point within one second is described as the frequency of the wave. One wave or cycle per second is called a Hertz.

Long EM waves, such as radio waves, have the lowest frequency, and carry less energy. Adding energy increases the frequency of the wave, and makes the wavelength shorter. Gamma rays are the shortest highest energy waves in the EM spectrum.

As you sit watching TV, not only are there visible light waves from the TV striking your eyes, (which is how you can ‘see’ the picture), but also radio waves transmitting from a nearby station, and microwaves carrying cell phone calls and text messages, and waves from your neighbours wifi and GPS units from the cars driving by. There is a chaos of waves from the spectrum passing through your room right now.

Source: The EM Spectrum

NASA explains EMF and EMR

A simple explanation of the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum

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Recommended Devices, Products and Services for Measuring and Protecting yourself from the effects of exposure to EMF and EMR.

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Videos, Articles and Links to self-inform yourself on the potential effects of EMF on the human energy field as well as on nature (plants / animals).

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Self-help strategies and recommendations for 'upgrading' your energy field from the inside out so that you are less reliant on external aids. 

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It's so important to keep your mind uplifted and inspired, as well as feel peaceful and harmonious within. Let go of fear, anger and negativity... more.

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Videos to educate and inform you on the FACTS of EMF, EMR and 5G, and the reality of how EM waves effect the human body and mind. Inform yourself - it's the best protection. more

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The hidden meaning of what is going on behind the scenes. It's good to be informed and remember, this is not the time to go into fear. It's the time to take back your power. more.

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In person and online educational workshops and trainings, to inform and protect you and your family about the health consequences of EMF and 5G

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Worldwide campaigns and movements petitioning for the safety of human beings and the planet.

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The Heart of the Matter - A Systemic Problem

An urgent video message by Fritjof Capra, Ph.D., renowned physicist and systems theorist, about the critical importance of systems thinking as a means for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The “heart of the matter” is the realization that our global problems are systemic problems — all interconnected and interdependent — and that the SDGs, therefore, must also be seen as systemically interconnected. Indeed, the shift from a fragmented, piecemeal approach to integrated, systemic solutions will be essential for the very survival of human civilization.

Four transformative actions are crucial to assure a sustainable future:
1. Shifting from quantitative to qualitative growth, inspired by the systems in nature.
2. Becoming ecologically literate in order to design sustainable communities;
3. Recognizing the nature of systemic solutions, with agroecology as an outstanding example; and
4. Adopting a new Earth ethics, such as the one summarized in the Earth Charter.

This project is the culmination 30 years of research by Dr. Capra into systems thinking and its ability to solve multiple global systemic problems concurrently. Learn more about systems thinking and the systems view of life.

Direct video link:

The Heart of the Matter - A Systemic Problem

Why all world problems are systemic and interlinked.

The Layman's Guide to EMF

An overview of the difference between 'natural' and 'man-made' geopathic stress, with examples of each.


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