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Informational Videos

The potential and proven effects of natural and man-made geopathic stress on the human body and nature.

The Sound of Silence

Just because you can't see or hear it, doesn't mean it's not having its effects.


The Effects of Smart Meters on Blood Cells

What happens to human blood within 2 minutes of standing near a Smart Meter. (Excerpt from '5G Extinction').


How to Understand EMF and EMR

A short video by NASA which explains the basics of the electromagnetic spectrum

People have taken their lives over EMF

Silicon-valley engineer turned technology health advocate Jeromy Johnson discusses our attachment to technology and the health hazards such an addiction may hold.

Dangers of 5G / WIFI - Martin Pall, PhD

5G Technology: Potential Risks To Human Health: Excerpts From Scientific Conference

This video has clips from the expert conference on Wireless and Health held at IIAS January 2017.

BBC Documentary: What really happens inside an Apple factory

It pays to know the truth so you can make informed choices. (Click on image to go to video).

Potential Effects of EMF on the gut microbiome and brain

The potential effects of EMF on the human body. (Excerpt from '5G Extinction').


5G Health Statement

A prepared statement on why as a family doctor I feel strongly that thorough safety testing must be carried out before the proposed 5G roll out. My initial concern is for those working in a 5G 'hub' - but of course extends to the population as a whole, and to our environment.

UK House of Commons Debate on Health Effects of 5G and Wireless Radiation

Public Health Physician Warns of Smart Meter Dangers

What Are Medical Doctors Saying About EMF?

Integrative medical doctor Dietrich Klinghardt describes the connection between AUTISM and EMF radiation...


Are EMF Safety Standards Up To Date?

Watch this video and then decide if you think the current safety standards are up to date...


Scientists warn on effects of 5G

Scientists Warn of Health Effects: Washington DC Council 5G Small Cell Roundtable

Wireless Warfare Exposed. Includes ways to protect your family

Senator Colbeck Speaks The Truth About 5G

Doctors call for delaying deployment of 5G Due to Health Risks

Neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo - Cell Phone Radiation and Wifi

Woman with WIFI allergy [Movie]

How Smartphones Change The Way You Think | Jeff Butler | TEDxHilliard

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to put down your phone? There are hidden psychological effects that smartphones are having on our brains. Studies show that smartphone users are developing serious problems, like real addictions, and losing the ability to focus.

Derrick Broze Educates Houston City Council on 5g and They Actually Listen

Risk Roundup Webcast: Electromagnetic Fields and Health Risks

10 Reasons 5G Should Scare the @#$% Out of You

Local Soccer Mom Versus Multi Billion 5G Industry

The Madness of Putting 53,000 5G Satellites in Space

Why Kiwis Can't Say NO to Cell Phone Towers in NZ!

Generation Zapped [Trailer]

Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Alasdair Philips, founder of Powerwatch UK

Natural health expert and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Alasdair Philips, founder of the British organization Powerwatch, on common ways you're exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and how you can effectively remediate against them.

Help stop the 5G Infrastructure

The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn't Want You to Know

Five G - (2019 Documentary)

If you think Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, & 4G cell phone towers are harmful, meet the new 5G. Human beings are made up of electromagnetic fields, all animal life is.

Scanning the brains of electo hypersensitive people

A world authority on neurotoxicity and Forensic Medicine, Dr. Gunnar Heuser obtained his MD degree in Germany before emigrating to Canada where he studied under stress pioneer Hans Selye and obtaining his Ph.D. degree in Experimental Medicine and Surgery from the University of Montreal. He then obtained a Diploma in Internal Medicine from McGill University before accepting an offer from UCLA where he held became a member of the Brain Research Institute. Today at 92 years of age, he is semi retired and is now exclusively in private practice specializing in patients who are sensitive to electromagnetic fields.


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