So you think you're not being affected by wifi? Think again.

wifi Oct 01, 2020

by Kim Knight, The Kiwi Health Detective

"As I searched for a new place to live, it was quite clear that wherever you went, everyone had a wireless router, and no-one seemed to realize the effects the wifi was having on their body and mind"...

I've written about the effects of wifi ('wireless fidelity') on several occasions over the past 10 years. I'm not an expert on the science of wifi, but I am an expert on noticing how I feel when I am in places where there is wifi. Because here's the thing: I don't need science to tell me how my body does or does not respond to external stimuli - I have my own in-built feedback system for that, which is 100% accurate - and it's called my body intelligence.

Now, everyone has this body intelligence system - it's inbuilt, it comes part and parcel with you, from the moment you are born. But here's the problem: most people have stopped using their innate intelligence, without even knowing they have.

Some background

I started getting in touch with my body intelligence system when I was seeking to get well from chronic illness. Before then no-one had ever told me about it. But I was forced to get to know it (thank goodness) through necessity.

As the saying goes 'necessity is the mother of invention' and in order to understand why my body was creating symptoms of illness, I first had to learn how to interpret the meaning and messages within the symptoms my body was sending me, which meant I had to learn to LISTEN to my body feedback. 

I had to start noticing when my body was sending me feedback in the form of stress, or negative emotions, or physical / mental symptoms, because these were all intelligent forms of communication from my body intelligence to my head, telling me 'something isn't right and you need to DO something about it, otherwise I (the body intelligence) will keep sending this discomfort'.

So I started PAYING ATTENTION to how I felt inside, what my gut feelings were, how I was feeling emotionally, how I was feeling physically, if I was in the stress (sympathetic) or relaxation (parasympathetic) response. Because if I wanted to get rid of symptoms without medication or supplements, in other words by restoring my body-mind to its natural state of homeostasis (balance), this is what I had to do. And so I did it, and I got well.

Back to the topic - the effects of wifi

So what does this have to do with noticing the effects of wifi?

Well, a lot.

As I wrote about many years ago, when I first had a wireless modem put in my house, I started to notice a decline in cognitive function and ability to concentrate.

At first I didn't know it was the wifi causing this. I had no idea. All I knew was that over a period of several weeks, after installing the wireless modem, my ability to concentrate at work was declining, I couldn't think straight, and my head felt foggy.

Then one day a friend sent me a link to an article on the potential detrimental effects of wifi, and I turned my wifi router off. I was staggered. Within seconds my brain felt completely different. No more brain fog. Everything was clear. In seconds. 

So I turned the router back on, and bamm, brain fog back. Off... symptoms gone again. I couldn't believe it. It was as clear as day: the router was creating havoc with my brain waves. 

I was so blown away by the tangible proof of the effects of the wifi router, that I wrote a blog about it. This was back in 2009.

And on that day I decided I would hardwire my router and have no more wifi in the house, which I managed to do for the next 11 years.

Fast forward a few years

However, as we know, in recent years, wifi has become more and more prevalent - wherever you go you are immersed in a 'soup of wifi'. There is no getting away from it unless you are living in the country in the middle of nowhere.

I knew I wanted to move, but the thought of having to tolerate wifi put me off. As I searched for a new place to live, it was quite clear that wherever you go, everyone has a wireless router, and no-one seems to realize the effects the wifi is having on their body / mind.

And this is the danger of ignorance: of not knowing what you don't know.

So why is it that people are unaware of the effects that wifi frequences have on their brain and body?

It's called disconnection.

Most people have become so disconnected from within themselves that they are unaware of what is happening inside their own body. 

Another reason for not noticing the effects of wifi is that as our cognitive function starts to decline due the effects of the wifi, we are less able to notice the decline, because our brain is working less efficiently. We get used to the lack of clarity and brain fog, and it prevents us from seeing why the cognitive decline is happening... until and unless someone points it out as a possibility. If I had not been sent that email all those years ago, I would not have known to turn off my router.

And a third reason is that the telecommunications companies are not telling us, because it will affect their bottom line. 

Wifi - A conscious choice

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to move home, but was finding it impossible (and I mean impossible) to find anywhere (ie a home) which was not immersed in wifi, either from the router within the home, or surrounding homes. (If you've ever done a check on nearbye wifi services on your computer or phone, you will notice that usually multiple services show up - this is why we say we are 'living in a wifi soup - it's all around us and we are immersed in it).

For 14 years I had been living on 10 acres, and was wifi free from neighbours, but finally the need to move became too great, and so I decided I needed to start acclimatizing myself to wifi, by putting my router on for a few hours a day. Fortunately I noticed that I was much better able to tolerate the wifi compared to previous years, but I still noticed its effects, and made sure it was switched off at night.

Then 3 months ago I relocated to a different part of the country, and in the space of 2 months moved 4 times. Each place had wifi which I could not turn off, and I had to live with it. Again, I seemed to be doing OK, although I knew it wasn't optimal and that it was having its effects. 

Then a few days ago I moved to live to someone's home while they are away for a few months. They have a router (modem) which has no 'wifi off' option, like my previous home router had had. This is something which is becoming the norm these days too: no wifi off option on your router, and is indicative of the complete ignorance and disregard of the telecom industry for people's health and the effects of wifi

For the first few days I decided to see how I was feeling in the house with the constant wifi. And then I decided to turn the router off from time to time. I noticed an IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCE within seconds. 

So then I dug out my personal router, phoned the service provider to find out if I could substitute it for the one in the house, and was told I could, as long as I set it up myself (ie they could provide no help). So I did. And I'm back to wired connection, and feeling MUCH BETTER FOR IT.

My head is clearer, the brain fog is gone, I feel good again.

For me, the proof is in the pudding. I notice the immediate difference when I have a router on wifi or not. There is no debate. My body is clear about it and it knows the difference. I simply feel so much better, so much clearer in my head. 

So my advice to anyone who has a wifi router, and a habit of having it on all the time, do this:


I bet you will. 


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